7 WAYS^TO MAKE MONEY ON FIVERR (For a Sister) Article writing

Article writing



If you have always wanted to use your writing skills to make money, Fiverr is a great place to do this. You can practice your writing whilst making money and although five dollars is not a great amount you will be improving your craft.


Article writing is a quick and easy way to make money on Fiverr if you write about a topic you are familiar with. Haircare and beauty are good sellers. Again as there is little competition in the black haircare niche on Fiverr. If you are willing to do a little research and provide good content you can make a lot of money.


I am proof of this- I sell articles on various aspects of black haircare weekly since joining Fiverr and so can you. I make over a hundred dollars a month writing articles on Fiverr and that is on top of my full time job. If I had more time to dedicate to writing, I could make a lot more; I often have to turn away or delay offers of work. I am enjoying it so much I am seriously considering working part time so that I can concentrate on my writing.


Ensure that the writing you produce for your buyer is free from mistakes and looks professional so that your buyer will definitely order more from you.


Research well into the topic you are writing about if it is an area you are unfamiliar with and check your facts even with subjects you know well as you may be able to add more value.


When you reach Level One you will be able to add extras such as writing longer articles which you can charge more money for.


Do not feel restricted to your area of expertise, as well as your haircare or beauty article writing gig you may want to set up another, more general article writing gig. Buyers will see your high rating and want to give you a try. If you can write well about black haircare or beauty you can write about anything you put your mind to.


I was asked to write an article for an architecture blog- I do not have a clue about architecture but it was a short article I was asked to write so I did my research, made it punchy and the buyer was so happy that she has become a repeat buyer and I have made plenty of money working with her. The lesson is- don’t be afraid to step outside the box!


Be wary of sellers asking you to write fake reviews. It’s one thing doing research on a subject you know nothing about but Fiverr is on the case of those that create fake reviews on products or services they have never used.


I have received a number of offers for jobs writing reviews on hotels or tour package operators for websites such as TripAdivsor. Proceed with caution and if necessary politely decline.


For your article writing gig, be very clear on what you will and won’t write and ask your buyer to give you clear instructions on any keywords which they need to appear in the article. Be sure to write original articles; it is very easy for the seller to check for plagarism!
A final word


Your gig cover and main gig photos are of the utmost importance. Make sure you have a great digital camera or even take professional shots of you holding a sign as an example of the type of picture you would take for the buyer. To have a good chance of appearing on the Fiverr homepage, the sign you hold on your main gig picture should be of the highest quality you can, clear and include the words ‘Fiverr’ or ‘Exclusive to Fiverr’. Be sure to showcase your personality and play up your best assets whilst keeping it tasteful.


Do not be afraid to post your picture for your gig images on the premise that as a black woman you may frighten off potential buyers. It has not hurt my Fiverr business at all to do so- on the contrary it has gained me some fantastic repeat buyers who are looking for the unique insights that are relevant to their businesses that only a woman of color could provide! Anyone that would not want to order from me on the basis of my skin color is not someone I would want to do business with in the first place so putting my picture on my gigs is as a great dummy filter.


Be very clear on what you are not willing to do as part of your gig. Be specific about what your gig includes and does not include and ensure that the wording of your gig description is not misleading.


Always communicate well with buyers or potential buyers. Try to respond to their messages as quickly as possible. Be professional yet friendly and courteous in all your dealings with buyers or fellow sellers on Fiverr.


Try to join the Fiverr sellers’ forum and get to know other members of the Fiverr community. Their insights are priceless and you can also promote your gig to sellers who may want or need your services.


Remember that the more you offer for five dollars, the more likely you are to make sales. On the flip side, try not to offer too much for the amount of money you will be making or you will quickly become burned out and disillusioned. There is a fine line between over delivering to provide value for money and selling yourself short. You are talented and providing quality services at under market value so certainly do your best to provide a great service for your buyers but do not over deliver so greatly that you do not really gain from the transaction.


Your ratings and reviews can make or break you so always deliver good quality work, on time. Be realistic with the amount of time you list for delivery of your service. You must be able to deliver on time without stressing yourself. It may be tempting to offer a short turnaround time to beat the competition but you can end up snowed under with orders and little time to complete them. This is the worst case scenario and can lead to you producing poor quality work. Give yourself a comfortable timeframe and then you can always deliver early, which will impress your buyer.


I hope this book has given you some ideas to go forward and join thousands of women making money on Fiverr.com. I am enjoying making money, learning and having fun online and I would love you to be a part of this success story.


You have a unique edge as a black woman, make it work for you on Fiverr!