7 WAYS^TO MAKE MONEY ON FIVERR (For a Sister) Use your photos



As we have discussed in the previous chapters, there are millions of buyers on Fiverr looking for cheap ways to promote their businesses.


A gig that is a big winner on Fiverr is the ‘hold your sign’ photo gig. It’s very simple; you take photos of yourself holding a sign promoting the buyer’s business, logo website or anything else. There is a whole ‘Hold Your Sign’ subcategory under the Advertising category.


There are hundreds of these gigs on Fiverr, however, black women are under represented– so here is your chance to shine! If you are reasonably attractive or even quirky looking this gig can propel you to Level Two or even Top seller status on Fiverr very quickly if you get it right. Do you have beautiful natural hair that you can wear in a big, bodacious afro puff? Go ahead and rock it out- be loud, proud and stand out from the Fiverr crowd!


Even if you have the figure of Naomi Campbell with the cheekbones to match, you may think that this gig is a no brainer for you and the orders are sure to flood in- who doesn’t want to look at an attractive woman? This is only half true- you will need to stand out from the crowd and the sign you hold for your gig’s main picture will need to look decent enough to convince someone to shell out their five dollars or more to order from you.


‘Average Jane’s’ can also make good money from this gig- present yourself well, wear a big, bright smile or strike a quirky pose to attract buyers firstly to click on your gig then read your description. Try to take a range of pictures in different styles, of dress or pose for your gig’s gallery of photos so that your buyer will see how versatile you can be.


A popular twist on this gig is to become a human billboard and actually write the advertisement, link or sign on your own body. There are sellers promoting their buyers’ businesses on their lips, faces, backs and even cleavage!


Most of these ‘skin signs’ are written using a black marker- if you decide to set up a  human billboard gig and you have deeper brown skin tones you could try getting creative with colors- gold or silver glitter marker writing would look fabulous against your brown skin- something the competition cannot offer.


If you are into hair and beauty in a major way you could offer a unique gig selling hair tutorial photographs, showing other black women “how to” do different things with their hair. You may have been asked in real life how you achieve a particular style which is unique to you or how you manage to curl your natural hair. Why not make money selling a step by step photo guide. All you need is a friend or a self timer and a good quality digital camera. You can also sell professional images of you or a friend (get their consent first) with a beautiful make-up or hair look.


Again, have a set amount of photos you will offer for the five dollars. Photos are normally sent to the buyer digitally. Signs are usually drawn or designed by the buyer When you are promoted to higher levels you can offer more such as wearing certain costumes, sending High Definition versions of the photographs and anything else you think will add value and entice your buyers to buy more.

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