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Black Hair Planet is dedicated to providing informative articles and reviews of the many hair care practices, products, and techniques. We are loyal to the cause of healthy hair care and beauty information for women of color.  We at BHP make it our business to keep you in the know about current trends, techniques, and products that are out there! There’s a wealth of information to be learned, and we hope we can be your guide into the dynamics of Black Hair Care.  If there’s a place to get your genuine one-stop black hair care and beauty advice – it is BHP!

Our two featured editors of the BHP Magazine are Amina and Dena.


I am embarking on a journey through natural hair and enjoying all there is to know and learn about my kinks, curls, and coils.  As a young and budding natural who loves all things natural hair, my goal is to share information that may help someone else become one step closer to healthier hair.

For those who are contemplating making the switch to natural, I aim to showcase the beauty of natural hair to help you make the transition!

For the veteran naturals, I’ll provide articles to help add some variety to your styling arsenal and more!  I don’t hesitate to give honest reviews and candid accounts of my experiences involving beauty, health, and wellness.  Through my writings, I hope to leave you with a wealth of inspiration and new information to help you achieve your natural hair goals!  Enjoy!


As a working mother and wife, I know what it’s like to struggle with finding the time for you. I completely understand that the essence of a woman is her appearance, with hair being right up there at the top of the list. In my articles, I  am dedicated to offering women that special place that she can escape to, to find those tips that make beautifying and pampering herself more convenient and easy. My reviews, articles and how-to’s are catered to the busy modern day fashionista, as well as those who are interested in gaining some insight on how to care for their  hair in the best way possible!

My articles are written from a relaxed perspective, and I am devoted to offering Black women tips on how to care for their relaxed tresses. I also hope to offer helpful tips for mothers of children with natural hair, as I have a daughter that is natural. I do hope that you find my blogs practical and helpful!

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