Apricot Oil for Hair Growth

Apricot Oil for Hair Growth



apriocot oilThe health and beauty of apricot oil has been known for generations.  It is an essential component in many cosmetic products from shampoo to lotions.  It is gentle enough to be used in baby products and strong enough to be used in products designed to restore damaged hair and scalps back to their original beauty.  The oil of the apricot comes from the kernel found within its seed.  These kernels are cold pressed to squeeze the oil out while retaining the nutrients that it is so rich in in their raw, unaltered state.  The oil is its most effective when produced this way and processed as little as possible.  Heat and processing can damage the qualities of the apricot oil that make it so wonderfully beneficial.  Additional chemicals are not needed to make it better than it already is for it is, either.  It comes straight from the kernel after pressing in a ready to use condition.


There are several ways in which apricot oil is useful for the hair and scalp.  The oil can be administered by itself as an overnight treatment or in with a conditioner for several minutes.  The method of delivery is slightly different with each of these ways of delivery.  When using the oil by itself as an overnight treatment it is important to warm it without making it so hot it burns the scalp.  A small amount is placed in the hand and massaged into the scalp and roots and down through the hair.  This helps sooth a dry, itchy scalp as well as nourish the roots and the strands of hair.  This nourishment provides strength and body to the hair giving it a fuller, healthier shine and body.  The oil should be left in overnight and the hair washed and conditioned the following morning.  The oil conditions the hair through the night and imparts the nourishment to the scalp, roots and hair while sleeping to leave the hair stronger, healthier, and more manageable come morning.


The second way that the apricot oil can be used for healthier hair and a healthier scalp is to add a a few drops to the conditioner that is normally used when caring for one’s hair.  Simply add a drop or two to the conditioner before applying it to the hair.  Allow it to remain on the hair for several minutes with the conditioner and then rinse as normal.  It will once again condition the hair and roots, moisturize the scalp, and improve the overall condition of one’s hair with repeated use.  The oil is gentle enough for regular use without risking damage to the hair or scalp that might come with chemical conditioning methods.  Simply make sure to rinse the hair completely and carefully just as one normally would after conditioning to achieve shiny, healthy, strong and manageable hair.


One does not have to choose one or the other method either.  One can use the overnight treatment once or twice a week and the addition to the conditioner as often as every day or other day in order to gain full results from the oil.  It has been proven to be effective enough that it is an ingredient in many of the finer hair care products and gentle enough to be a primary ingredient in many baby shampoos and skin care products.  The effectiveness and benefits of apricot oil have been known for centuries by various cultures around the world.  Modern people are gaining a better understanding of the powerful benefits that come from apricot oil in many facets of health and skin care.  The benefits for hair and scalp are only two of the many ways one can benefit from using apricot oil in their daily life.


When choosing an apricot oil to add to one’s hair care regiment it is important to make sure that one is purchasing quality. Make sure that it has been cold pressed for maximum benefit.  Be certain that it has not been processed and that it is actually apricot oil not some product that has been chemically engineered to attempt to duplicate the natural oil.  This product is not difficult to find as it can be found in many health food stores and herbal shops.  Some of the finer grocery and beauty stores may also care a line of natural, apricot oil.  Make sure that the apricot oil is 100% natural and does not have heavy, unneeded additives that can actually detract from its effectiveness as a treatment for hair and scalp.  When one makes sure that they have purchased quality apricot oil and it is used as part of a regular hair care regiment the results will be easily seen fairly quickly.  Beautifully silky, healthy hair is well within reach and may be easier than ever thought by simply unlocking the benefits of adding the use of this natural oil to one’s daily routine.