Black Currant Seed Oil For Hair Growth

Black Currant Seed Oil For Hair Growth

black currant seed hair growth oilThe benefits of black currant seed oil for hair growth are not widely known. As hair problems become more common, millions of people around the world are looking for some surefire remedies. While male pattern baldness associated usually with aging had been prevalent since time immemorial, premature baldness, hair thinning, loss of hair in young adult days and hair loss among women have not been as common as they are today. Men as well as women, as early as in their twenties, are suffering from hair loss, significant thinning of hair and breakage of hair or split ends. Frizzy hair or not so healthy hair are specific problems among some but when the problems become graver then remedies beyond the herbal shampoo and normal oils have to be sought.

The use of black currant seed oil for hair growth has not been promoted as it should have been and owing to this there aren’t many places where you can get products having the desired extracts of the black currant seed. The black currant seed oil for hair growth is however available at few online stores as well as health stores in the form of capsules as well as in oil form in bottles.
Why Is Black Currant Seed Oil for Hair Growth Effective
The benefits of black currant seed oil for hair growth are owing to two major reasons. First, black currant seed oil is a natural moisturizer, one of the best there is and second, it contains gamma linolenic acid.
Before you can understand why black currant seed oil for hair growth is effective, there is a need to note the reasons behind hair loss, hair thinning or hair breakage and other hair problems. Two major causes of hair problems are dryness of the scalp and lack of nutrition in the hair. Dandruff is an indication of dry scalp but what many people do not realize is that dandruff is the last indication or symptom of dry scalp. The drying of the scalp begins much earlier and only when the flakes, which are dry and dead skin cells, get segregated from the scalp that they form dandruff. Due to rampant shampooing and pollution, dirt and lifestyle factors, the scalps get drier sooner than you can imagine. As the scalp dries up and doesn’t get any moisturizers, it tends to grow weak, the follicles tend to offer less support to the hair and eventually, there is hair loss, thinning of hair, hair breakage and other problems including split ends.
The moisturizing effect of black currant seed oil is what makes it effective in triggering hair growth. It must be noted however that the oil doesn’t instantly fuel hair growth. It begins by preventing further hair loss and other damages. The damage has to be repaired before further hair growth can be facilitated.

The second reason why hair loss has become a widespread phenomenon is that the hair doesn’t get as much nutrition as necessary for it to stay strong and healthy. The gamma linolenic acid is an omega 6 fatty acid that prevents the hair from splitting, thinning and also dryness of the hair. As scalps get dried up, the hair also dries up eventually. Using black currant seed oil for hair growth, the omega 6 fatty acid can allow the hair to get the much needed nutrition, it facilitates the transmission of the nutrients through the follicles through the hair to the tips and thus hair growth can be attained.

How to use Black Currant Seed Oil for Hair Growth
There are two options – capsules and oil. If you are opting for capsule or what is also known as black currant seed oil supplements then you should stick to a specific dosage. Usually, it is 500 mg recommended by most health experts. If you are using black currant seed oil for hair growth in the oil form then the amount you use would depend on the amount of hair you have and how much you need to massage your scalp and hair properly.
Side Effects of Black Currant Seed Oil read carefully
Black currant seed oil is a completely natural extract and it has no side effects whatsoever. The benefits of black currant seed oil for hair growth transcend the scalp and head and you can also use them for overall healthy skin. However, there are a very few people who have an intolerance to omega 6 fatty acids. This is extremely uncommon but people who have an allergy to the gamma linolenic acid may not find the black currant seed oil for hair growth as an ideal option.

Buying Black Currant Seed Oil
Whether you buy black currant seed oil for hair growth online or from a brick and mortar store, you should check the label and the ingredients to know for certain what has been used in the supplements.