Budget-Friendly Hair Care

We all love to pamper ourselves every now and then with luxurious shampoos and conditioners, but sometimes high-end products don’t fit with our budget. So how can you get a salon treatment without breaking the bank?

Go to your nearest grocery store or farmer’s market and…go natural!

Some of the best hair care products currently on the market have incorporated the benefits of natural ingredients and you can often get these in their raw natural form. For example, shea butter is a natural fat from the nuts of the African shea-karite tree and is well known as an effective moisturizer. Shea butter quenches thirsty hair (and skin!), relieves dry scalp, and can even be mixed in with your crème hair conditioner to increase softness and elasticity.

If you like hot oil treatments then a few tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil will do the job. Both of these oils are rich in fatty acids and have intense moisturizing properties. In addition, coconut oil has been scientifically proven to reduce shedding and hair loss from daily grooming when used on a consistent basis.

If your hair is feeling weak and you need protein, then try coconut milk (usually found in the Asian food section of your local grocery store). You can use it alone or add it to any conditioner and apply to your hair as a treatment. This will benefit your tresses by strengthening strands while at the same time leaving them shiny and soft to the touch.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) makes a great hair and scalp cleanser as it removes the buildup accumulated from using chemical products. Just mix one part ACV with three-fourths part water and apply to hair like a rinse. It will restore the pH balance of your hair and will also close cuticle scales and leave your hair feeling smooth.

With all of these benefits present in natural and everyday items, you may want to try them even when you’re not restricted by a budget. Great hair doesn’t always have to cost as much as a new purse, and why should it? Just grab your ACV and your olive oil, and create your own salon experience at home.