Can African Americans Get Laser Hair Removal?

Can African Americans Get Laser Hair Removal – Laser Hair Removal Information

                Both men and women have hair that is all over their bodies.  Some hair has to be removed through the process of shaving, and some hair simply is kept nice and groomed.  However, sometimes a man or woman has more body hair than they feel they are able to handle and want to be able to remove it on a permanent basis.   Laser hair removal is available to anyone, but some people who are of the African American persuasion may be wary about the process and whether or not it is ideal for them or even recommended.

Lasers are used to do many things from the defense of a country to the delicate surgery that is performed on the human eyeball.  The latest ways to use laser is for the cosmetic purposes.  By using a beam of laser light, the hair cells are destroyed and therefore, those cells no longer produce hair.   The idea of a laser being aimed at the skin can be frightening, but what happens if the color of the skin is olive or dark?  Does the pigmentation in the skin matter when it comes to laser hair removal?  An African American may have some concerns about the fact that a laser is used for the permanent removal of unwanted body hair.  What makes an African American different from others is the fact that they have a larger amount of pigment in their skin.

Anyone that has skin that is either olive or dark has a fair amount of melanin in their skin.  The job of melanin is to take in light, so when a laser is involved the melanin can interfere with what the laser is supposed to do. The combination of melanin and laser can inadvertently cause damage to the skin.  However, the question of can African Americans get laser removal may be an important one, but the truth is that anyone can get laser hair removal regardless of the amount of pigment in the skin.

For people who are tired of constantly shaving do have the option of laser hair removal.  Laser light is applied to the skin, and the light will take care of the follicle cells. However, because African Americans have melanin in the skin which can absorb light can African Americans get laser hair removal?  The fact is that with the light laser wavelengths, and an experienced cosmetic hair removal specialist, the hair can be removed safely without any skin damage no matter how much pigment is present.