Caring for Color Treated Hair

Caring for Color Treated Hair

color treated hairAdding a touch of color to your hair is a great way to get a new look but unhealthy hair can quickly dampen your style. African-American hair, processed or not, is prone to dryness so taking care of color processed hair is extremely important.

Cater Your Products

It is a good idea to reevaluate the products you use on color treated hair. Products that contain sulfates which help to cleanse can be beneficial when washing but can equally strip the hair of moisture and color. Try to purchase products geared towards colored hair. These specially formulated products include the proper ingredients and even textures for your hair. The same creamy conditioners that work very well with some hair may cause more color stripping.

Add Protein

Protein is the building block of hair so needs to remain a staple in your hair regimen. Too little protein can cause dry, brittle hair while too much protein can also cause dry, brittle hair. There are a number of ways to add protein. Topically, you can add it through deep conditioners or treatments. Using these treatments or protein deep conditioners only 1-2 times per month is normal but make sure to see how you react.

Some people have hair that thrives a lot more on protein than others. If your hair products are already formulated for color treated hair then check the ingredients to see how much hydrolyzed proteins such as silk and collagen are included. Internally is just as important by eating a healthy diet. Your hair will exhibit how healthy you truly are.

Avoid Harsh Elements

Harsh elements is a broad term. There are natural and manmade elements. Things such as sun exposure, dry winds and even salt water are all natural elements that can damage already fragile color treated hair. Manmade elements mainly refer to items used in common styling such as heat tools and combs. While some things can be repaired it is best to just avoid or lessen the usage. Protecting the ends of the hair in buns will help on windy days while a swimming cap to protect against chlorine and salt water will keep long lasting color on healthy hair.

Moisturize Without Losing Color

“Just add water” is not the simple instruction to follow in this case. Water is typically the best moisturizer out there with conditioners coming in second place. However, moisture can actually harm color treated hair aesthetically by stripping it of color. One option is to use a stronger rinse or dye such as permanent or semi-permanent instead of temporary color. Clearly this will require more daily care but it will take longer for the color to strip due to moisturizing.

The other option is to use whatever rinse or dye you want any not be as cautious about keeping your color. There are a few things that you can do to keep color while keeping hair hydrated. Hot water can lead to dry hair and faded color while hard water can lose shine and moisture while depositing metals. Wash the hair with warm water and try to invest in a hard water shower filter.