How to Choose Black Hair Care Products

How to Choose Products for African American Hair

African American hair is special in that it is rather delicate in comparison to other ethnic groups.  Although it shares the same components with non-African hair, the difference lies in the structure or how these components are put together.  Due to its curly and dry nature, it tends to be more fragile which then makes it more prone to damage.  In order to counter the possible damage, you should choose the right products to keep your hair moisturized, manageable, and healthy.

  • To maintain healthy hair, moisturizing is very important.  As stated earlier, black hair tends to be on the dryer side.  Beware of shampoos that will strip the hair’s natural oils.  Products with Jojoba and coconut oil have been proven to effectively moisturize hair and they keep the moisture locked in.  Great examples are KeraCare, Motions, and Crème of Nature.
  • Conditioning is of utmost importance in keeping the hair healthy and lustrous. Choose conditioners that contain protein that helps protect and strengthen hair follicles. But keep in mind that the protein moisture balance is key. Too much protein causes breakage.  Check out the products offered by your local salons.  Surely, these products have been tried and tested by experts and customers alike.  Aphogee, Sakkys, KeraCare carry a line of conditioners that have been proven to add body and luster to African-American hair.
  • In maintaining healthy hair, you should also give notice to the scalp, make sure that it is kept clean and healthy at all times.  The sebaceous glands located under the surface of the scalp are the oil producers.  If the pores in the scalp are clogged, the oil will not find its way out which makes the hair dry.  Avoid using cheap greasy products that contain mineral oil and petrolatum, these clogs up the pores.  Use only products with jojoba, rosemary, and coconut oil; these oils trigger natural oil production.
  • Remember to handle your hair with care.  Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair  when wet.  Never brush it too harshly.  Use only hair products that have been proven to give excellent results.

There are many products in the market that have time and time and over again proven to be effective in making African-American hair beautiful, healthy and manageable.  You can go to a salon that offers hair care products that  are focused in African American hair care, ask a professional hairstylist which one is best for you.  In addition, you can check out the reviews given by websites that are dedicated on African American hair products.  You can even join a forum on hair products; surely, there are a lot of helpful consumers who are more than willing to give you a tip or two in effectively caring for your African American hair. Check out