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  1. Is it ok to wear clip ins while trying to transition?

  2. You can wear clip ins as long as you are taking care of your underneath it, which means mositurizing your hair. Don’t do it all the time because your hair will need a breather and you don’t want to cause any minor damage.

  3. Hello! My name is Maurice. My fiancé and I faithfully read every issue of your magazine. My fiancé recently started a Youtube page ( It’s all about natural hair. It’s very informative and very well done. It would be amazing if I could somehow get her featured on your magazine. Probably the best thing ever. She has a great page. Would you be able to check it out? If you like it please consider a spot in your magazine for her. It would make her the happiest woman in the world.

  4. I want to know about the bear fat oil and treatment for the same to regrow my hair. I even wanted to know how much does it cost.

  5. Please email your order list for buying Bear Oil for my hair
    so I can start using it am located in Kansas City Kansas
    know one here in any of the beauty stores have ever heard of your product. Plus your shampoo .I am having a hard time trying to pull look your product on online for ordering. My address P.O. Box 171015 Kansas City, Kansas 66117-0015
    Oh , my Carol Thomas

    Thank you
    Also I can the beauty supply purchase your product and have them sale it here as well.

  6. Can u ship bear oil to india?

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