Creme of Nature Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment Review

As I’m certain that I have mentioned several times before, CON is one of my favorite lines! I’ve always been pleased with how CON products make my hair feel and easier to manage; which is why when I first heard of the new line with Moroccan oil on BlackHairPlanet, I got super excited! I went out and cleaned off the shelves at my local BSS which only had about 12 packs, as I was shipping some off to my friend and BHP hair buddy in London, who was just as excited as I was!

The conditioning treatment comes in a very pretty bold red pack with gold lettering. I was like a kid ripping open a Christmas present! And ohhh, the smell, so delightful! The consistency is rather thick and rich. I was digging it from the moment I opened it! So, first I washed my hair with CON conditioning shampoo. As directed, I applied the conditioner and placed a plastic cap over my hair and sat under a warm hooded dryer for about 15 minutes. I used a little over half a pack, as it instructed to apply a generous amount. As I was rinsing it out, my hair actually felt like silk! It almost melted my hair like butter! As a matter of fact, I found myself rinsing a few extra times, as it was so silky that I thought it was product residue making my hair feel slick. The end results can be described as more than satisfactory!
Ultimately I ended with a soft and shiny roller set!

The product claims:
*Strengthens, imparts moisture and prevents hair breakage.–definitely imparts moisture!
* For radiant shine–my hair was shinier than it was pre-treatment
* Nourishment and protection–Requires more of a prolonged use for evidence, I can’t say that my hair felt exceptionally stronger after one use

This conditioner did not weigh my hair down, Thank God! And one thing that the label forgot to mention is that it aids in detangling, as I’ve always found to be true with CON products!

So far, so good! I plan to continue to use these packs for the next several weeks to determine whether or not this product actually strengthens my hair over a prolonged usage. I certainly have high hopes for this CON Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment long-term. I also plan to purchase other products from the Creme of Nature Argan Collection. Stay tuned for more reviews of the new line!