Curlbox vs. Curlkit: Natural Starter Kits

Curlbox vs. Curlkit: Natural Starter Kits

curlbox vs curlkitThe simple ideas always seem to be best. Many women who have started their natural journey cannot remember the last time they actually dealt with their natural, curly, kinky and sometimes unruly texture. A starter kit can be so helpful during this journey but which one is best? Naturals weight in.

About Curlbox

Curlbox is a subscription service that was launched February 2012 by Myleik Teele. A monthly membership is discounted at $20 per month while a single natural kit will cost $40. The monthly box includes 5-7 samples of natural goods. You can sample but not purchase any actual products on the website itself. Subscribers can unsubscribe at anytime.

About Curlkit

Curlkit launched in March/April of 2012 by co-founder Heather Cummings. This is a monthly subscription service only at $20/month. The monthly kit include 6-8 products and you can purchase products directly from the website. Subscribers can unsubscribe at anytime.

Which One to Buy?
This largely depends on what your needs are. Here are a few things to consider.

Ingredient Flexibility: When you receive tons of products monthly you will most likely look at what each one has. If you are a product purist and don’t use sulfates, silicones or non-organic products you may not get the full value of the box.

Personal Connection: Branding is a big part of natural hair from knowing blog creators, Youtube poster regiments or product creators aim and purpose. Not knowing an exact company owner maybe a deal breaker. Curlbox creator, Myleik, posts regular videos on Youtube explaining why each product was chosen to build this bond while Curlkit includes a Welcome card signed by the co-founder and Curlkit team.

Consistency: The option of buying full size products from Curlkit maybe a big pro for many. While most natural products are sold online and in stores they maybe hard to find depending on where you live. The option to buy directly from Curlkit means you will be dealing with the same company, different service. No surprises on shipping or customer service. If you live in a major city or do not like online shopping the fact that you cannot buy the products from Curlbox may not be a problem.

Product Recognizability: Curlkit proudly announces on the site that they include well-known and emerging products while Curlbox mainly includes well-known products. Once again, there are pros and cons. If you are someone who prefers smaller, “mom and pop” brands Curlkit may offer that. On the other hand, you may receive a bigger discount by buying Curlbox since more popular products tend to be slightly higher priced.

Deciding between these two subscription services are not your only option. While these two are the most popular and subscribed to services there are other services out there catering to different natural needs.