How to avoid relaxer relapse

How to avoid Relaxer relapse


There are 2 groups, those who are transitioning, and those who have Big chopped


A lot of women are now becoming more comfortable with BC’ing so let’s address this first. So you‘ve done your big chop after getting up the courage to rock a new look, you’re experimenting with make up and an extravagant


earrings, but you miss your longer hair. If your BC consisted of completely shaving off all of your hair into a fade haircut the only option you have is to wait out this period or wigs. Now I know some of you are saying ‘I would never where a wig’ I used to say the same thing. I thought wigs looked fake and I was afraid it would come off one day and my ‘secret’ would be out. The truth of the matter is wigs have come a long way, they come in different styles, textures, colors, etc. For those of you who would like to experiment with wigs visit your local beauty supply they range anywhere from $20 to several hundreds of dollars depending on what you’re looking for. Look at wigs as an accessory and something fun, it’s just hair.


For those who are transitioning your plight is a little bit different. It’s been 6 weeks since your last relaxer, now 3 months and you’ve finally made it to 6 months. But now you have to deal with the 2 different textures, and you’re frustrated. Now if you prefer to wear your hair straightened during this time, you need to beware of double processing. This occurs when you are flat ironing or pressing your natural hair but end up passing the flatiron/comb over the relaxed hair. Now you may be thinking ‘I’ve flat ironed my relaxed why is this an issue?’ Well it usually take a bit more heat to straighten natural hair than relaxed hair and when you use too high heat, this can cause damage that will lead breakage. I’ve had experience with this first hand, after my first relaxer I decided it wasn’t for me and was just going to let it grow out (back then the term transition wasn’t used). As my hair started to grow I began pressing my hair to get the roots straight, I noticed breakage almost immediately. Because of the severe breakage I decided to cut off all my relaxed ends after waiting about 6 months.


Seek other naturals at your hair stage, on hair forums, YouTube, and just in your everyday life. The purpose of seeing others at your stage is for style inspiration and encouragement. Sometimes we get comfortable doing one particular style that we don’t experiment with others and we get bored with our hair.


Last but definitely not least don’t covet other ladies hair. Styling similar to another is ok, but enjoy your or kinks and curls and appreciate them. There are 4 women in my immediate family my mother, myself and my two sisters, although all my sisters and I have the same parents we all have different curl patterns. Ultimately the choice is yours but I thoroughly encourage you to wait as long as you can, and if push comes to shove and you really want to relax you can always do it later if you choose, there is no rush. But the road back to being natural is a much longer process. Happy Hair Journey