Jamaican Black Castor Oil Reviews

You may wonder, as I once did, what all of the hype over Jamaican Black Castor Oil is all about. Why the sudden craze over this oil? Whether you’re surfing the net for growth aids, or browsing through your favorite hair care forum for advice, you are bound to run into the name Jamaican Black Castor Oil. It is the absolute most up and coming product for black hair care! So of course I had to give this oil a try.

Exactly what is JBCO and what does it do? Jamaican Black Castor Oil is not your typical castor oil. JBCO is actually derived from the natural source and does not undergo a chemical processing at all, as opposed to store bought oils. This oil is the real thing, hand processed and even bottled to preserve its freshness and resist contaminants.

The richness along with the peculiar smell of JBCO may initially come off as a bit overwhelming; however once you start to use it routinely it is not much of an issue. Mostly used as a conditioning agent, most apply it directly to the scalp as a hair dress or grease. When used this way, you can benefit from its moisturizing properties directly to the scalp. It can also be used for hot oil treatments and as pomade. I can truly attest to the thickening abilities that JBCO has. I watched my hair grow thicker just after a few weeks usage. The new growth came in nice, thick and healthy. If used consistently, you will certainly notice a healthier and more conditioned scalp. JBCO can also be combined with other growth aids to encourage growth. Overall, JBCO or any castor oil for that matter, aids in hair growth. You can also add the oil to your favorite conditioner or deep conditioner. Adding JBCO to other oils can have its benefits as well. It mixes nicely with oils such as jojoba and coconut oils. You can experiment by mixing the oil with various oils, growth aids, and conditioners.

Not only can you realize healthier hair as a result of using JBCO, but it has other uses for beauty. Many women have realized thicker brows and lashes as a result of applying JBCO. As a matter of fact, be prepared for the hair to grow on your brows rather thick and untamed. It is reported that the growth on other parts of the body is a bit overwhelming, which indeed proves its effectiveness.

Your skin can benefit from JBCO as well. You can actually combat dry skin conditions by applying the oil directly to the problem areas. Even stretch marks can be corrected with regular usage of the castor oil. Fight those wrinkles by applying some castor oil to your skin and use as a moisturizer.

The best thing about JBCO is that it comes in different fragrances and offers other hair care products from the line such as hair food, shampoos, and conditioners .The newest addition is the Coconut JBCO, which smells just as lovely as it performs. You can also choose the lavender scent, which is quite ideal if you don’t like the original scent.

So, as you see JBCO is considered a multipurpose product for people everywhere. It’s not limited to women or people of color, most anyone can benefit from JBCO! I am quite certain that Jamaican Black Castor Oil is here to stay!