The Layered Look for Long Hair

The Layered Look for Long Hair

Sometimes, it seems that longer hair is more difficult to style than shorter. However, if you have long hair you have a variety of options for styling your hair. It can be placed up in a ponytail or bun, or it can be left to hang. If you are looking for more of a distinguished look, you may want to consider styling your hair in layers. The layers give definition and a bit of grace back to the longer style. Where once the longer the better was the thought on hair, today, more and more people want a bit of free movement in those locks. Layers can add just that free movement.

Layering your hair can add a new dimension to hair styling. You can add volume to thinner hair, or add style to flat straight hair. Layering the hair is perfect for those with straight or slightly wavy hair. This is because curly hair does not allow the hair to fall into the layers. When a curly head of hair is layered, that drowning look associated with long, heavy curls is removed and the hair is able to move gently around the face.

Layering hair lends itself to many styling accents. You can add highlights to the layers to make them stand out more. You can have certain layers cut to shape the face, or add a bit of funk to your hair. The sky is the limit when it comes to the cut and the placement of layers in all lengths of hair.

When it comes to choosing the right layered hair cut for you, try visiting a salon and asking about the specific cuts and angles associated with layered hair styles. It is always a great idea to browse through some hairstyle books for some suggested looks. Before choosing your layered cut, you may also want to try on some wigs. You can see precisely how the style looks on your face.

One of the most common layered styles involves hair framing. This hair cut is named because it puts layers along the face. It defines your face and allows the hair to flow downward. This technique is accomplished by cutting the hair with a razor allowing the layers to flow smoothly. The back can be layered or can be in a traditional U or straight line shape. This hairstyle can be done with long bangs or no bangs at all. This is a very popular hair style that adds dimension to other wise straight long hair.

When sporting a layered look, you must maintain the style by keeping the layers curled. I suggest rolling the hair at night in order to avoid putting too much heat on your hair. Sometimes when layers are not curled, they give the effect of an unkempt hairstyle.

Choosing a few layers for your mane can mean a move from dull and heavy, to light and airy in just a bit of time and a few geometrical cuts. Your hair, your style, your layers are now the hottest choice!