Natural Hair Dolls Buying Guide 2012

Natural hair dolls are the hottest thing this year  and have been for a few years.  The problem is that everything dealing with natural hair is booming, and that makes the hunt for these little prettys that much harder. So here we are with Christmas Day only a few weeks away,  and everyone is ready to grab up one or two of the dolls.  You have websites like Natural Girls United and  Ethidolls that offer the dolls right at the click of a mouse.

I will do my best to point out  some of the hottest, cutest, and most fabulous natural hair dolls online.




Jecci Five doll!  Apparently you can get her from qdpatooties One problem, ladies… I have tried to email this shop owner months ago and I haven’t gotten a reponse as of yet. I am sad to say that this little cutie doesn’t look possible to gift  this Christmas. Check back often, and if this changes I will update this post.




The next little Esty shop we found is The ForRealGirl Doll Line. These dolls are really cute and afforable. There are lots to choose from as well. I couldn’t even make up my mind, so I think I will have one of each, please!




Natural girls united dolls by Karen Byrd

These dolls are absolutely necessary! They even offer natural hair couples…These dolls are fierce!




These dolls are so wonderful and great for the collector. You will find the dolls listed under products.




 Barbie “So In Style” these are really popular you get them at Toys R Us and Amazon too.

Who can resist a beautiful Barbie of color?




Black Barbie reproduction line: These are great dolls gone retro. These dolls are from the ’80s.




 Great African American dolls and asseciories. A different spin on these dolls. accessories




Hearts For Hearts Girls – Rahel from Ethiopia you can get this on amazon. These dolls are precious!!



So there you have it, a shopping guide of African American natural hair dolls. Happy shopping, divas!