Natural Hairstyles 2011

Natural hairstyles in 2011 will continue to be innovative and interesting.  I forecast captivating natural hairstyles that shall draw the attention of naturals and relaxed heads alike.

The TWA:

More and more are still going natural, but not all ladies rocking the TWA are newly natural.  I’m beginning to notice the TWA on ladies everywhere.  Many will boast about the low-maintenance.  Career women to artsy, stylish students find comfort and flare in the tailored TWA!  Go ahead Girls!

Cute, Curly Styles

Cute, simple, curly styles are beautiful.  They are effortless, yet the style can make anyone look like a million bucks!  Try out a cute twist out, coil out, bantu knot out, or roller set to achieve a lovely curly coily style this season!


Whether the mohawks are braided, shaved on the sides, sculpted, or pinned up, the rocker chic look that ladies have bee sporting from the runways to the streets will definitely be a big hit yet again in 2011!


Some of the most elegant and unique hairstyles in 2011 will be made out of dreads and locs.  The locs can be as versatile as natural hair itself. 

Big Hair

Big, voluminous hair never goes out of style!  Plenty of these styles will be spotted out and about.