Out and About: A Hair Travel Guide

Many of us will be traveling this holiday season to spend time with family and friends. We may pack our suitcases with sweaters and warm socks, or maybe dress clothes for a party. However, when it comes to packing what we’ll need for our hair, we don’t necessarily bring along everything we should. Whether you encounter rain or snow, or will be away for a few days or a week, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Bring Your Own Grooming Tools

This is especially important if you don’t plan on hitting up a salon during your visit.  If you’re wearing a wrap, don’t forget your scarf and hair clips. A brush, comb, bobby pins, and hair bands can help keep your hair in a simple and tame style, especially if you’ll be wearing hats or trying to protect your hair from harsh weather. You can create a ponytail, or even add a few hair accessories to dress up a bun. If you’ll be using any heat styling, be sure to bring along a mini flat iron or electric hot comb.

Bring Products That Won’t Get Flagged

Many of us, to our dismay, have experienced jars and bottles of hair or body products confiscated at the airport. To avoid this, you can buy pre-packaged products (shampoo, conditioner, gel, etc.) that comply with traveling standards or buy empty bottles from your local drugstore, which you can fill up on your own.

Have an Emergency Bag

How many times have we been out all day only to realize when we see our reflection in a mirror that our hair had evolved into something completely different? A small bag (like the size of a mini makeup bag) where you can keep “emergency” items for your hair can be a lifesaver.  Have in there a small mirror, a moisturizer,  gel or smoothing product to tame wild hairs or edges, and the bobby pins and hair bands mentioned earlier can go in there as well. Carry this in your purse, so that it’ll always be with you. Don’t be afraid to get creative—just think about what you’d want to have access to if a gust of wind or a haze of raindrops hit your hair.

Whether you’re natural or relaxed, or weaved up or not, it’s helpful to bring along a few items to take care of your tresses when the occasion calls. Traveling itself can be hectic, yet we still take the time to ensure we pack the right clothes and shoes—so why not also devote that same amount of effort into what our hair may need?