Help for Porous Hair

Help For Porous Hair

Angie from East Lansing, MI says:

My strands are super dry and no matter how many moisture treatments I put on my hair, I cannot get it to hold water! What can I do?  Help!

Angie, the first thing you must do is relax.  Many ladies have to deal with porous hair.  Either the hair holds too much moisture and is mushy or the hair does not hold enough moisture and in result it has a chronic dry feeling to it.  I have had the same issue as you and I am actually just now grasping the relationship between porosity and my hair.

The remedy for porosity issues is to find the correct balance of acid & base for your hair in order to neutralize the strands bringing it to your hair’s natural pH balance. This, in your case, may be done by doing acidic rinses on the hair.  I use Apple Cider Vinegar, diluted heavily with water (1:5), as a rinse/treatment to bring the basic pH of the hair down. Many products that we tend to use on our hair do not come with a pH guide on them.  However, they often tend to upset the hair follicle leaving the cuticle open, causing all of the moisture to fly right out of the hair.  Try the ACV rinses once a week after shampooing and track your results.  Once you notice improvement, reduce the rinses down to bi-weekly treatments and so on.   I hope this helps; keep us updated!