Help! My relaxed hair feels like straw- what can I do?

hair lossHelp! My relaxed hair feels like straw- what can I do?


First of all, do not panic. It’s like when you lose something; the best thing to do is to retrace your steps.


Think back to what you have been doing to your hair. There are common reasons why your relaxed hair is feeling like straw and the good news is that there is a remedy for every one!


Have you been washing your hair more than once or twice a week? If so, this could be drying out your delicate relaxed hair by stripping it of all it’s natural oils. Pull back and reduce the amount of times you wash and you should see an improvement in the texture of your hair.


What shampoo have you been using? Most shampoos contain sulfate, which is the active ingredient that cleans and dissolves dirt and grease. Sulfate-free shampoos are a great alternative and will not dry out the hair causing it to feel like straw.


What is your washing technique? Do you rub your shampoo into your hair strands and scalp? Stop! Concentrate on your scalp when adding shampoo and massage with the pads of your fingers, not your nails. Your actual hair strands and ends will be cleansed as the shampoo will be distributed along them when it is rinsed out so there is no need to rub the hair at all.


Did you condition? Relaxed hair needs a quality conditioner to be applied after every shampoo. Deep conditioners are best. If your hair feels like straw, it is dangerously dry so avoid conditioners containing protein as they may make the dryness worse and lead to breakage. Go for a luxurious moisturizing deep conditioner that will quench your parched locks to restore the softness and flexibility you crave. For extra conditioning, wrap the hair with saran wrap and a towel then leave on overnight. When you rinse in the morning hair will be well conditioned and soft.


Did you use heat? Whether you used indirect such as a hooded hair dryer or direct heat like flat irons or a blowdryer, heat can dry and damage the hair quickly. Repeated use of heat on relaxed hair can leave it frazzled with split ends and a straw-like feel or appearance. Try to go without using heat or if you really want to use it, protect your hair with a heat protectant creme, spray or lotion. If you currently use heat daily, cut that down to once a week and your hair will feel soon feel soft again although you will need to trim off any split ends as there is no way to repair them.


Do you use a leave in or moisturizing product? If you do, you may need to try a different one which is more moisturizing or does not contain silicones, which actually keep moisture out of the hair. Find a good leave in conditioner and use it daily, so your hair is never bone dry. A product you can spritz on is best. Be sure to distribute it evenly over the hair and finger comb or use a wide toothed comb.


What do you sleep on? Cotton pillowcases can suck the moisture out of your hair. Use silk or satin to keep your tresses soft and smooth.


Follow these tips and lose the scarecrow look quickly!