Relaxed hair and havana twists

African beautiful woman with braids.relaxed hair and havana twists


Havana twists- even the name of this style sounds sexy! The style has been popularized in the past few years by celebrity sisters Solange and Beyonce Knowles who have rocked their Havana twists with pride and looked hot doing it!


These attractive twists are super-sized and usually look like your own natural hair, as they are attached using the invisible root method so that one cannot see where the extension begins. You simply cannot blend into the background when rocking this style.


Havana twists are created by using Havana hair extensions, which are made with soft textured synthetic hair fibers. The hair is fairly expensive at around thirteen dollars a bag and can currently only be ordered from It is worth the expense as the look of Havana twists matches natural textures and is softer and silkier looking than the cheaper Marley hair that is used for Marley twists, which are similar in size and look to Havanas but not half as luxurious. It takes around six bags of Havana hair for a full head of twists, so be prepared to pay almost eighty dollars for the hair and a total of a hundred dollars when shipping is included. If you desire a less thick look, five bags can be sufficient but if you prefer a fuller look, seven bags should do the trick.


For relaxed hair, this style is best done on hair that is not freshly relaxed. At least an inch of regrowth is preferably for a great blend with the Havana hair for a natural look. The style is also more likely to hold for longer with the grip of some natural regrowth. Havana twists are a great styling option for those who are stretching the time in between their relaxers or even considering transitioning to natural as they feel and look like natural hair that has been twisted. It is a good way to rest your hair, hide it away from the harsh winter weather, rock a cute summer style and give you a break from styling. The hair should be washed and treated as natural hair and can be oiled, co-washed and moisturized to keep it fresh.


The beauty of these twists is that they are easy to install yourself at home if you wish. There are several very useful tutorials on YouTube that show you how to achieve this style yourself at home, including how to do the amazing invisible root texture. The two YouTube videos that I found the most helpful are:


  1. HOW TO: Havana Twist Demo (Natural Hair)- by Princess Chae


This YouTuber is bubbly, beautiful, down to earth and already has a full set of twists installed. She explains her experience of wearing the style and what she learned from the previous time she installed the style. She takes down a couple of braids from the front and re-twists them, whilst showing you what products she adds to her hair during twisting.


The lighting in this video is great so you can see exactly what she is doing.


  1. Havana Marley Twists Tutorial using the Natural Looking Invisible Roots Method (better sound)- by Donedo


This YouTube video is shot by the YouTuber, a young lady who has almost finished installing her hair but has a few more braids to go. There is music over the entire video but it is not too annoying and you can hear what she is saying clearly. The great thing about this video is that is has text across the screen showing what products she uses whilst twisting her hair. This text changes throughout the video to give clarification of exactly what is going on, for example how much hair is being used per twist, which way to twist each side of the hair you are holding. She is very technical in her explanation and I totally understood how to do the invisible root method after watching this video. She does around three or four braids during the video.


Both these videos will have you running to order your Havana hair- the ladies look amazing with their braids and it looks so quick and easy to install.


Before you rush off to get your Havana Twists started, be sure to wash and deep condition your relaxed hair beforehand. If you are unsure about installing them yourself, see a professional. Do not put them in too tight and avoid wearing them in top bun styles for too long. Both of these actions will put pressure on your own hair at the roots, which can lead to hair loss and breakage. Keep your twists moisturized, you can buy a special leave in product or simply use a spray bottle of water to spritz hair regularly. Try not to leave the hair in for longer than six weeks to two months.


So now you know- what are you waiting for? Go try some Havana twists and find out why those who wear them love them so much!