Stretching Out Your Twist Outs!

Stretching out your twist outs!

If you are like me and most women with hair, you would like to take full advantage of any style by maximizing its potential. For naturals, one of the primary concerns is shrinkage, which causes hairstyles like the twist outs or braid outs to look significantly shorter than they actually are.

Being newly natural, I have been doing a lot of experimenting with the way that I can maximize my hair’s length. I have gotten over the fact that I am now sporting shorter hair, however that does not mean that I am okay with it appearing so much shorter than it already is!

So I watched a few youtubes and discovered a few ways to stretch out a twist out, but today I will focus on one of those methods.

The method is quite simple:

  • Wash and condition hair as usual.
  • Towel blot hair and allow hair to airdry.
  • Section your hair off.
  • Blow dry each section at the roots to stretch the hair out.  I use the warmer  setting and high speed.
  • Apply the product that you normally use to twist. Don’t overdo it, because it can cause the hair to get curly or coily again.
  • As an option you may want to pin down your twists with bobby pins.
  • Put your satin bonnet or wrap on and let it dry overnight.

The next day you should have stretched out twists! The purpose of the blow drying is to keep your natural curls from interrupting the twist outs. My natural waves and curls really work against the twist out, many times going in opposite directions, resulting in chaotic twists.

Keep maximizing the potential of your own hair!! And happy hair growing!