Sulfate free shampoos for black hair

Shampoos that sulfate free for African American Hair

Jala from Jackson Mississippi asks:

I would like to know is there a list of shampoos that are free of sulfates?

Jala there are many lists on the net so here is a small list of some shampoos that might be good for your hair. This comes from this thread…sulfate free shampoos. I will post some of here on the blog.

This is a list of alkyl-sulfate-free shampoos, which means it includes products with olefin sulfonate, a potentially drying surfactant. Conversely, it excludes products with sodium laureth sulfate(SLES), a gentle sulfate. Furthermore, natural does not equal gentle, for everyone. As always, with any product, YMMV. This list was made without regard to any controversy over the “safety” of individual ingredients other than that some here are interested in avoiding parabens and silicones.

Except where noted, each product has at least one source where an exact list of ingredients can be found. If there is no live link, check under another product. From the lists, I have also color coded the products. If it says: “Salons; web beauty suppliers,” that means I’m concerned about the reliability of some of the online sources I found. If someone else can recommend one, it would be much appreciated.

Product is natural, ie. made with whole ingredients, extracts, or is a castile-type soap.
Product has one or more mild cleansers.
Product has non-sulfate cleanser that may be drying.
*No online list of exact ingredients.
# Paraben free.
! Contains silicone.

ABBA True Curls and True Shine #, GoddessWithin; health food stores.

African Black Soap #
~Nasabb; Agbanga Karite.

Alba Botanica
~Life’s Vigor,; health food stores.

Alchemy #
~Adore Beauty (Australia); The Exton (Australia), Purist USA (USA); A’kin (UK).

Aleppo Soap #

Alpenglow Shampoo Bars #
~Alpenglow Skin Care.

~Salons; web beauty suppliers.

Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash #
~Kate’s Caring Gifts; Earth Mama Angel Baby.

Aubrey Organics #
~Vitamin Shoppe, VitaminLife, health food stores; There Must Be a Better Way (UK); Organics Australia Online (Australia).

Auromere Ayurvedic #!
~Auromere; Life’s Vigor; Organics Australia Online (Australia).

Avalon Organic Botanicals # (not all formulas paraben free)
~Life’s Vigor; health food stores; Organics Australia Online (Australia).

Azida Hemp Oil Shampoo #
~Azida; VeganEssentials.

Back to Basics Blue Lavender Color Protecting Shampoo*
~Beauty Deals, salon stores; Ulta.

Beauty Without Cruelty (non-olefin AND olefin sulfonate formulas)
~Kokopelli’s Green Market, Life’s Vigor; health food stores.

Blended Beauty Soy Cream Shampoo and Curl Cleansing Conditioner #
~NaturallyCurly CurlMart.

Brocato Cloud 9*
~Monster Hair; other beauty suppliers.

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee and Rosemary Mint Bars #
~Balm Works; health food stores.

Burt’s Bees Herbal Treatment and Grapefruit & Sugar Beet Shampoos #, Balm Works, Walgreens & CVS; health food stores.

California Baby, Life’s Vigor; health food stores.

Carol’s Daughter #
~Carol’s Daughter.

Chagrin Valley Bars #
~Chagrin Valley Soap and Craft.

Chemistry Store Organic Castile Liquid Soap #
~The Chemistry Store.

Cheryl’s Herbs #
~Cheryl’s Herbs.

Cornrows & Company Coconut Shampoo and Herbal Deep Cleanse #
~Cornrows & Co.

Creme of Nature
~Walgreens; Walmart.

~All Natural Cosmetics.

Desert Essence Daily Replenishing
~House of Nutrition Online, Life’s Vigor,; health food stores.

DevaCurl Low-Poo ! and No-Poo
~NaturallyCurly CurlMart.

DGJ Hair Clinic Hair Juice* – UK (Not all formulas are sulfate-free)
~Waitrose stores.

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile #; health food stores.

Dr. Hauschka #
~Essential Day Spa, Skin 1; health food stores.

Dr. Woods # (Castile and no-sulfate formulas).
~Dr. Woods; My VitaNet.

Druide Baby Shampoo #
~Kate’s Caring Gifts.

Druide Ecological and Organic #
~Kate’s Caring Gifts.

Duchy Originals – UK #
~Duchy Originals; UK supermarkets.

Dudu-Osum Herbal Shampoo #
~Africa Imports.

Earthly Delight #
~Willner Chemists; Whole Foods.

Ebene #
~Ebene Naturals.