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Half Wigs for Protective Styling

Looking for a fresh and different look and keep your hair protected at the same time? Try a half wig! I discovered…

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How Our Diets Affect Our Hair

Raise your hand if you’re struggling to keep your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier or diet.  Don’t worry—you’re not alone! As…

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Is There A Cure For Thin Ends?

To cut or not to cut—that is the question. If you take pride in caring for your hair, especially ensuring its growth,…

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Let’s Talk Combs and Brushes

Alright, ladies—we’ve talked about natural hair products, salon visits, and heat usage, but what about combs and brushes? While paying attention to…

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Budget-Friendly Hair Care

We all love to pamper ourselves every now and then with luxurious shampoos and conditioners, but sometimes high-end products don’t fit with…

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Five Tips to Remember When Visiting the Salon

The last thing you’d want for your hair is a disaster—especially if you’re shelling out your hard earned cash. While most women…

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Healthy Hair…Healthy Color?

Summer hair is often associated with beach waves and sun-kissed strands. It’s no surprise that many women like to dye or highlight…

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Tweaking Your Heat Regimen

You pick up your blow dryer, switch it on and…zap! You’ve just evaporated the moisture in your hair and raised its temperature…

Regimen Building for Natural Hair

Natural Hair Regimen Since I have been showcasing natural styles for the last couple of months, many people have approached me with…

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Black Hair Care – Myths and Facts

Black Hair Care – Myths and Facts . . . There is seemingly no end to the glut of information available on black hair and its care. Unfortunately, there is plenty of bad info mixed in there with the good. And what’s even worse, is that the bad stuff sounds almost convincing enough to be true. Enough that even hair stylists preach like these myths are gospel, and really shouldn’t they know better? So what I’ve done here is compiled a Top Ten list of urban legends about caring for our hair, along with the facts to either back them up, or break them down.