The Do’s and Don’ts of Laser Hair Removal for African Americans

The Do’s and Don’ts of Laser Hair Removal for African Americans


Because laser hair removal is not always considered safe for African Americans, many shy away from it. But many of the claims aren’t true, and if you do your research you will find that there are ways for African Americans to receive these treatments safely. Due to the pigmentation in people of color’s skin, the risk for injury are greater. Discoloration, blistering, and burning can occur at a higher risk for African Americans. Therefore proper measures and precaution must be used to prevent injury.

African Americans of course, would like to enjoy the precision and smooth look of laser hair removal done the right way, so here are some important do’s and don’ts for  laser hair removal for African Americans.


The Do’s…


Find a skillful and licensed  laser technician to perform the procedure. When doing your research, check out the effectiveness and reviews from legitimate sources. Check your city’s online reviews and the Better Business Bureau. Check the credentials!


Determine if the clinic is using the highest technology available and if the services are tested and effective.

One method that is used for African Americans is called the CoolGlide Laser. This method is FDA approved and has proven safe for dark skin types as well as light skin types. The results are said to be long lasting and effective for the most part. However, keep in mind that the darker your skin tone, the less likely these treatments may take or may require multiple treatments.


The cooling of the skin is another method that is used for darker skin. This can be done by applying cold liquid or plates to the skin before surgery.


Be certain longer wavelengths are used to eliminate the hair. African American skin requires longer wavelengths in this treatment. This also lessens the risk of damage to darker skin.


Spend some time talking with the laser technician before you make a decision. There should be a consultation available before treatment, or even pre-appointment making. If something like this not available run for the hills. If the technician is pleasant, patient, and willing to answer any questions about your treatment, then more than likely that is at least a good sign.


Ask for pictures of clients that have had the treatment. This will give you a good idea of what to expect. If no pictures are offered, you can assume that there is nothing to brag about on the technician’s behalf. Or, drastically speaking, the results are not pleasant.





The Don’ts


There are some things that you want to avoid with this process. Take note so that you won’t have regrets.

Don’t allow the cost to determine who will perform the treatment for you. If cost is an issue, then more than likely you should save up and wait. Why? Well, basically you get what you pay for. Steer clear of “cheap” deals and bargain busters. This is not something to skimp on. Save your bucks clipping coupons at the grocery store, not on laser hair removal. The risks are too great.


Don’t choose a clinic that has not had any experience with people of color. Don’t be the guinea pig. You should however, choose a clinic that someone of color has had a positive and effective treatment. Check out some of the clients as well because seeing is always believing.


Refrain from rushing into such a risky treatment. This may sound trite, but simply Take your time. Research, ask questions, and shop around first. But don’t put a rush on things.


Stay away from treatments with shorter wavelengths. The longer wavelengths are better and can greatly reduce the risk of damages and blistering.


Do not believe that laser hair removal permanently rids you of the hair in the given area. Most times you will need to go back a few times a year to get treatments to maintain the look, although some people do report permanent hair loss after several treatments.


Don’t expose yourself to the sun after or before treatment. The sun lessens the effectiveness of the treatment. About Six weeks afterwards is the average time to avoid sun exposure.


Avoid electrolysis before the surgery, as it destroys the roots of hair. You could totally reverse the purpose of the treatment in the first place.


Average Cost for Laser Hair Removal


Different parts of the body cost different amounts. Keep in mind that the larger the surface area, the more the treatment would cost.

Just say for instance the upper lip area. The average cost if about $230 per treatment. Don’t rush to the bank just yet, because you will have to have multiple treatments to get rid of the hairs.

Now you will be looking at about four to six treatments to prove effective, which on an average may cost you anywhere between $1,500-$2,500. This will also depend on the part of the country that you live as cost of living varies from state to state.





Side Effects and Risks

Now of course, I have mentioned the possible risks that all dark skinned people have when getting this procedure; the blistering, burning and or discoloration if not done properly. But there are a few other possible side effects, such as swelling and permanent scarring. That’s why it is extremely important to do your research first and get a skilled technician or doctor to do the job.


Recovery should not be intense. It should take a few days to recover and your skin may be a bit burnt looking but this should clear on its own if the procedure was carried out correctly. Of course, you should see your doctor or technician if you develop complications that weren’t described prior to treatment.


As you see, laser hair removal for people of color can be done, it just needs to be  taken with precaution, researched, and all things considered well thought through. Good luck!