The Hottest Black Hairstyles of 2013: College Edition

The Hottest Black Hairstyles of 2013: College Edition


natural hairIt’s a Wednesday afternoon, and I’m sitting in the University Library. I have an exam in two days, and I have lost the ability to concentrate on my studies. So what do I do?

People watch. And something has become apparent.

Black women in college know how to dress, no doubt about that. But when I see them coming in and out of the double doors, their lush hair falling lightly down their back, the little green monster happens to show itself very quickly. These women rock sleek, short, daring Hollywood looks, or voluminous curls bouncing around their shoulders, and trust me, with the humidity in the air, my curls look more like a frizzy little afro, dancing around my head with each breeze, while these nymphs breeze by me.

So with that little note of jealousy, I present to you 5 of the Hottest College Hairstyles of 2012. Enjoy!


1) Short and Sweet



Since I can’t actually take pictures of people at my University since that would be a little stalkerish weird and would require their consent, I had to resort to celebrity photos. And who better to start with than Rihanna?

Can I just say that this look is the epitome of stylish, daring sexiness? I LOVE this look when I see it on women. It’s such a playful look, because you can mess it up or give yourself a mini faux-hawk and look hardcore and edgy with some bright lipstick or striking eye make-up; or you can go for a classic and stylish sleek look with minimal makeup for business appropriate wear. It’s such a versatile style that it seems to work for everyone that I’ve seen wearing it. Go out of your comfort zone and try something new!



Can I say that this is one of the most diverse looks I have seen on campus all year? Naomi Campbell rocks her weave with those eyelash-grazing bangs, framing her face and drawing the light to her perfectly symmetrical features. One common theme I see on campus with black collegiate is simplicity: their ability to dress up or down with a moment’s notice. I saw someone with a similar hairstyle, and she walked into the bathroom wearing a pair of jeans, a cute shirt, and flip flops with her hair down and framing her face. She came out ten minutes later wearing a white button down tucked into slacks and a pair of gorgeous stilettos, hair pulled back neatly into a ponytail with her bangs framing her face. Now that’s a working hairdo.



One thing that I find absolute joy in seeing is someone with natural curls. To me, it’s taking pride in your natural beauty, and wearing those fierce curls wherever you see fit. The thing I love about this look is that your own personality is broadcasted out, no matter what you wear; it’s fun, flirty, and definitely sure to catch the attention of others. One great thing about this look in my opinion is that it leaves your eyes alone (unlike the previous looks shown) and puts the focus on your lips instead. You can wear this look with a bright berry shade, and it will light up your face perfectly.