The Ugly Side of Natural Hair

The Ugly Side of Natural Hair

You’ve finally made the commitment to going natural. Slowly, but surely you start twisting your hair and begin wearing your twist-outs. While difficult at first, you’ve started to understand your hair’s texture and the products that make your hair look fabulous.

For the most part, everyone has been quite supportive. Even strangers on the street want to “touch your hair” and are amazed by your natural crown.

Until one day, it happens.

The ugly side of people that comes out when they see natural hair.

“Girl, you need to do something with yo’ hair.”

“When’s the last time you picked up a comb and brush?”

“You going to the hairdresser soon?”

The negative statements that some people say about your natural hair can make even the strongest of #TeamNatural feel down.

When this ugly moment happens, and trust me, it is sure to happen, ignore it.

Choose to embrace your hair even more, because more times than not, the problem isn’t with you. It’s with them.

Maybe the celebration of yourself has caused them to reflect on times where they had to change how they looked to fit a certain image. Perhaps they are jealous. Perhaps it is a man who has no idea what a beautiful sister should look like.

Disregard that “ugly.”

While easier said than done, always remember that your journey is inspiring to someone whether they say it or not. Stay true to the reasons that you’ve gone natural, and be the example even when the ugly hits.

Someone might notice your reaction, and by your continued poise, decide they too want to embrace the full them.