Top 5 Summer Hair Trends

Warm weather and sunshine are calling your name. So step up your Summer hair game with these trendy styles.

1. curly bob— shorter styles are always a winner during hot weather. Sporting a wavy or curly bob will bring more focus to your beautiful face, and when the weather cools you can grow it out for Fall.

2. “slicked back” look— this is perfect for those who want to keep their hair well-moisturized. Use your favorite leave-ins to slick back your hair into a sleek low bun. At night (or for a party), tie on a pretty hair scarf for a bit of flair.

3. ponytails— wear ’em high or low, and accessorize. Ponytails don’t have to be boring! Another cool factor is that it’ll keep hair off your neck and shoulders, so there’s a little protective styling thrown in as well. Just make sure not to make it too tight (too much tension on the hair = breakage).

4. retro— think ’90s box braids and afros; whatever look suits your mood. By the way, the ’80s Girl Costume hairstyle is a rip-off of a braidout. What do you think?

5. beach waves— wearing your hair straight (or extensions)? Grab your hair mist, spray on, plait hair, and undo in the morning so your waves can flow as you hit the beach or pool party.

There’s enough diversity in these styles to take you through Summer while maintaining a healthy hair regimen. If you hair is color-treated (or will be), then remember to deep condition two or three times a month to keep your hair’s elasticity in balance. Remember, it’s all about being chic yet effortless!