Top Natural Hair Problems & How to Solve Them

Top Natural Hair Problems & How to Solve Them

natural hair problemsIt seems as though the more you grow, the more problems you get. Natural hair problems, go figure. Even though everyone has their own issues with hair, those with natural hair seem to face a few of the same ones at some point in their journey. Here are a few tips to solve them.

Dry Hair

Ugh, the bane of my hair’s existence! Dry hair leads to brittle hair which can lead to major breakage. Dry hair can be caused from a lot of things but usually stems from not knowing how to properly moisturize natural hair. The best type of moisture is water but the best type of sealant to keep in the water depends.

Finding a good oil to retain water within the hair shaft is important. Some popular choices are Jamaican black castor oil and extra virgin olive oil. Popular butters are shea butter, cocoa butter and mango butter. The key is to find out how your hair responds to certain products and compile an arsenal against dryness.

Sulfate shampoos are notorious for drying natural hair so check your product ingredients. Silicone heavy products can coat the hair so much that if you are not using a shampoo strong enough to cut through, all that water and moisturizing can be going to waste. The best way to follow up with a conditioner wash or shampoo is a quality oil rinse, deep conditioner and/or leave-in conditioner of your liking.

Slow Growth

Slow growth is usually not problem as hair has a typical growth cycle. The average healthy person’s hair grows 1.25 centimeters to .5 inches per month. When taking into account that curly/kinky hair will turn most of that growth into shrunken curls seeing growth can be tedious. The actual issue is not as much as growth as it is retaining that length.

If you are alive and healthy growing hair will happen simply based off of that. Retaining natural hair length which is the most fragile hair is difficult. Protective styles are a good way to avoid constant manipulation, snags on combs and clothing and just playing in your hair. If you are still in the transitioning phase consider cutting off chemically processed hair in the interest of maintaining future length.

Caring for two textures at the same time can be a hassle for you and your hair. Keeping two textures of hair now maybe nice when you see how long it is but when it breaks regularly you will have to cut it off anyways. Short and healthy vs. long and wack? Pretty simple choice.

Too Much Time

What can I say? When you now have the versatility of straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair and braided hair all in one of course it will take you longer to do something with it. Natural hair does not have to be the center of your world unless you want it to. Laying out a schedule and having some go to styles will help to cut down on hair time. Figure out a time for regular wash days and more intensive days which may contain longer deep conditioners, steam treatments or trimming.

This will help you to plan ahead instead of realizing you have to do 5 things starting at midnight. Go to styles like afro puffs, wash and go’s and slicked back buns are relatively easy styles when you are in a rush or just don’t feel like spending too much time on your hair. Finding a versatile protective style such as crochet braids, box braids or senegalese twists are all good upfront investments of time and money.

All in all, everyone has hair problems. There are many naturals who faced hassles, styles that didn’t come out right and bundles of products used only a few times. Aside from these “learning opportunities” it is important to remember why you went natural and love the hair that is uniquely and naturally yours.