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Beauty Blogging why its great to make extra income.

With economy still on shaky ground people are all looking for ways to make extra income. So try multi-level marketing programs, others…

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Why does natural hair get tangled?

The Mystery of African Hair Tangles   Oh no! Another day of dry brittle hair. Poor lady you woke up again forgetting…

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How to Get Your Hairline Back

When your hairline has deserted you, you may find yourself experiencing some abandonment issues and becoming very annoyed and discouraged with  your…

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Minoxidil for Hair Loss in Females

  Many women throughout the world experience hair loss at one point in their lives which can prove to be extraordinarily detrimental…

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Do Sew-In Weaves Grow Hair?

The question that I’ve heard asked all too many times is does a sew- in weave actually grow your hair? African American…

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Alopecia Treatments That Work For African American Hair Loss

Alopecia Treatments That Work For African American Hair Loss Alopecia is a medical problem that is commonly experienced by majority of individuals….

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Why is Everyone Going natural?

It seems that the rate of African American ladies transforming to natural took everyone by storm. The chemical free awakening is continuing…

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Stretching Out Your Twist Outs!

Stretching out your twist outs! If you are like me and most women with hair, you would like to take full advantage…

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Why Texlaxing is better!

Relaxing our hair, or continuing to do so, is a decision that we as adults have made for our own personal reasons….

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Less is More: Wen vs. Suave

Are you are a sucker for infomercials? If so, then this article is just for you! Don’t be ashamed it happens to…