What you Need to Know About Upper lip Laser Hair Removal

What you Need to Know About Upper lip Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal lips dark skinPeople with dark hair are the best candidates for laser hair removal. This is simply because dark hair is more prominent in melanin, and that is what the laser actually targets. It will however work on blond hairs. People with darker pigmented skin should be aware that skin pigmentation is also created my melanin and it can cause pigmentation issues. This is why a consultation is best before the procedure is done.

While the upper lip laser hair removal is not as painful as the waxing, there is some minor un-comfort involved. Some have compared it to a small rubber band popping your skin. Sessions last somewhere around ten minutes each. They normally are done every four weeks, and they are very effective. They are also extremely affordable!

There is an 80% chance of success with upper lip laser hair removal. Unfortunately there is no cosmetic procedure that comes with a 100% guarantee, and upper lip laser hair removal is no exception. However, the reviews are great, and the procedure is more successful than not by far.

Some people have opted to take the cheaper rout and go with the least expensive option. That is not always the best option though. Having a well redound and reputable aesthetician is always of the utmost importance. You need to be positive that their licenses are good, their work is professional and that the machines that they will be using are up to date.

Electrolysis will work on both dark and light hairs. This is a said to be the only guaranteed method of upper lip laser hair removal for the more modernized standards. It cost quite a bit more, but it is still affordable. Going with something that you know works is always going to be your better bet, or is it?

A licensed electrologist will insert a needle into every follicle implementing low levels of electricity to eliminate the follicle in its entirety by killing it at the root. It is more painful, it takes much longer and it is better suited for smaller areas such as the upper lip and possibly the eyebrows. The cost is lower per session but because there are more visits required it is more expensive than laser upper lip hair removal.

Truth be told if you are looking to remove hair from the upper lip, going with upper lip laser hair removal is the best option for your money and time. In most cases success is remarkably well. Don’t put yourself through more pain and spend more money than you have to.