Why is Everyone Going natural?

It seems that the rate of African American ladies transforming to natural took everyone by storm. The chemical free awakening is continuing to take it’s toll on ladies all across the nation, and in sweeping numbers. So why the sudden natural movement?  There is no one answer for this question, as I cannot provide one answer for the volumes of African American ladies who have made this choice.  Many ladies have decided to cut their ties with relaxers and weaves and let their God- given tresses flow for various reasons.

 Becoming more aware of what’s going in their bodies. Let’s face it, the chemicals that relaxers contain are harsh and unforgiving, although many women do maintain healthy relaxed hair. When you really examine  the ingredients in relaxers that penetrate your scalp, you can’t help but to raise your eyebrows. Relaxers contain sodium hydroxide which has been linked to permanent scalp damage and other skin conditions.  Basically, with women of color taking charge of their health and life by eating healthier and staying fit, ridding themselves of harsh chemicals is just another step in being holistic.

Damage from weaves or relaxers. Not everyone can live through a bad weave and come out on top. There are countless women who have permanent damage from the straining of sew- ins or glue- ins. The chemicals from glue- in weaves have even been known to kill people. Not to mention the fact that some women have become completely bald from a getting a bad relaxer. Have you ever noticed how many black women suffer from receding hairlines in their middle ages? You can trace this back to years of weaves and relaxers. Letting go of the creamy crack and accepting their God-given beauty has become a saving grace from damage and hair loss.

Embracing how they were born.  Not only have Black women learned to accept their natural hair texture, they are actually embracing, adoring, and appreciating their  curls and kinks. Black women have come to the realization that it is not the media or other ethnic groups that need to recognize their beauty,  but rather perceive themselves as the natural beauties that they are. In doing so, black women are rejecting what society has deemed as beautiful which normally points to European attributes.

It’s the trending thing to do. Some people go natural for the aforementioned reasons, however for some the rationale is very simple.: It’s just the happening thing to do. “Everybody’s doing it.” This doesn’t discount those ladies that make the decision based on the trend. For them it is simply another hairstyle choice and has no deep meaningful explanation to back it up, and that’s perfectly OK. 🙂

I don’t know if it’s safe or even fair to call the masses of black women going natural a “trend”.  That has the connotation of something that will soon die out. I would say that we as African American women who  have truly made the choice to become natural have made more of a commitment to embrace who we are naturally and love it!