Why Texlaxing is better!

Relaxing our hair, or continuing to do so, is a decision that we as adults have made for our own personal reasons. It really doesn’t matter why you’ve chosen to relax your hair, as long as your decision does not compromise the health of your hair. One thing that I’ve found to be true as a lady with relaxed hair is that the less chemical that I expose my hair to, the better my hair appreciates me for it. Although I’ve chosen not to go natural at this point in my life, I am aware that my chemically processed hair is less vulnerable when not so “processed”.
It was by accident, actually that I happened upon the texlaxing method. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the term texlaxing; it is the process of relaxing your hair without allowing the cream to sit on the hair for the recommended time. I guess you can even refer to it as underprocessing. Some people mix the relaxer with an oil to slow down the straightening process, essentially helping to maintain some of the natural texture. The key is to avoid the bone straight effect.
It was by accident, actually that I happened upon the texlaxing method. My hair was under processed, and after getting over my fuming at the person responsible for under processing my hair, I came to discover that my hair looked and felt healthier overall. Not only did my hair not look like a wet puppy after a few days of humidity exposure, it was actually full of life, body, and bounce. I also found that my hair was thicker and responded better to styling. In the past, my hair was limp and lifeless after relaxing the recommended time.
The next great thing about my texlaxed hair was that people even questioned whether or not I was natural! Now this took some getting used to but I came to appreciate it. I took it as a compliment!
Aside from the thickness and vitality, my hair at the roots was not as dry and brittle as it used to be when it was time for a retouch. My roots were somewhat trained to this new method. Many people don’t realize that if you over process your hair, you are actually causing your roots to become dryer and more brittle. The relaxing process actually destroys the vitality at the follicles, thereby causing brittle new growth. I could actually still see waves after texlaxing my hair. It’s actually a great feeling, and in my opinion, the best of both worlds. It’s super manageable, yet it still has some life and texture to it. Who knows where this texlaxing journey will lead me in the future. But as it stands right now I am enjoying my very healthy texlaxed tresses!!!